The Power of a “Vision Board”

“When you make a decision, the universe rises up to meet you. Even when it comes to the hard things— you have to be able to let them go so that your hands are free to receive new blessings.”

– Rachel Hollis

A vision board is a powerful way of letting the law of attraction kick in. According to Forbes magazine, 82% of entrepreneurs who use a vision board say they’ve accomplished more than half the goals depicted. Simply put, a vision board is a collection of words, phrases, and pictures that signify a person’s goals and determination to make them happen.

What’s the purpose of creating a vision board? It helps provide clarity and focus – and more importantly, it reinforces your daily affirmations. When you release yourself from limiting beliefs and allow daily affirmations to take place, the possibilities are unlimited!

It is easy to get caught up in life and forget about your ultimate goals. With a vision board, you are constantly reminded of your dream, allowing you to fight back against any negative thoughts or circumstances. Most of the time our negative self-talk actually discourages us (and ultimately prevents us!) from becoming who we were purposed to be. A vision board appeals to both the conscious and subconscious mind, keeping you focused on your intentions and the direction you want to go.

How to get started:

– Make a list of the following categories:
Health, Family, Career, Spirituality, Love, Wealth, Hobbies/Bucket List.

-Jot down what you ideally want your life to look in each of these categories

-Start cutting phrases and pictures out of magazines that match your vision. Also, you type phrases or can go online for pictures.

-Then arrange the pictures/phrases on a corkboard or poster board. Then viola!

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