Stuck in Your Own Head While Quarantined at Home

The worst place to be is stuck in your own head.

Being quarantined due to the COVID-19 outbreak only makes this dilemma worse. It is day two for me working from home and I have noticed that (what I thought would be blessing) is actually making me feel more lost. Don’t get me wrong – I love being in the comfort of my own home and laying with my dogs while answering phone calls. But, damn does it feel lonely.

The real issues I have noticed begin to pop out. “I am unloved – unworthy – and a piece of shit person.” It literally takes all the energy out of me to fight these circling thoughts.

Yesterday, my best friend sent me a text (without me saying ANYTHING) with a proposed daily schedule and sample workout. She said “It’s critical to maintain structure so you don’t fall into patterns you normally have while being at home.” I was amazed at how God sent me this sign through her after pleading for a way to stay sane.

Everyone’s daily routine is going to look different depending on how you work from home (if you are). But a sample morning schedule could look something like this:

7:30am – Get up, get dressed even if you aren’t going anywhere.
8:00am – Eat breakfast by the window and enjoy the nature outside
8:00am – Take a brief walk outside to start your day or do a 30 min workout
8:30am – Work for two hours no distractions
10:30am – Grab a healthy snack and free your mind for 15 mins.
10:45am – Go back to work until lunch
12:00pm – Lunch

If you notice, one of the things in this schedule is movement. Working at home can restrict that. Get yourself outside even if it is just for a brief walk. Force yourself to get out of your head and get some fresh air.

I even started a 1000 piece puzzle so that when I take a break my mind is focused on something other than my negative self-talk.

The key is having a plan and doing something proactive to combat the untrue thoughts that are circling. We will get through this, quarantined or not. One day at a time.

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