Love is the Answer

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Memories on Facebook are a reminder of where we have been – sometimes this can bring up a lot of emotions, depending on what the post entails.

A year ago, I posted the message below*. Today it showed up and reminded me that no matter what life throws at you, LOVE is always the answer.

“Everyone is on their own private journey, with an entire world inside of them we will never fully come to know. We can go through the same experience together, but that moment will mean something entirely different to each of us. As we weave in and out of each other’s paths, I think the key is to love before we seek to understand. People will surprise us in a million ways. Some ways will hurt us and some ways will heal us. Some ways will challenge us and some ways will change us. What if each person is just a teacher, a looking glass that mirrors to us the two wolves within? Without tension there would never be any growth. Conflicts in nature is what creates islands, canyons, and supernovas that birth new worlds. So remember when life breaks your heart, it is so love can flow through the cracks.”

(**Because of the time lapse, I am unsure if I personally wrote this or shared it. I did not want to necessarily take credit if I did not write it. ).

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