What Healthy Fitness Looks Like

If you know me, you know I’ve always been on the thinner side – not healthy thin – thin because I had an eating disorder. Then two years ago, I found the love of my life and got insanely happy. I just did me – I didn’t restrict any foods and just enjoyed living. As a result, I gained weight and developed PCOS – which made it hard to lose weight, and I ended up hating my body at a whole new level. In November 2019, I hired a trainer to teach me how to count macros and to reintroduce me to exercise. By March, I started tracking macros on my own but I was still drinking alcohol frequently which halted my progress. I knew drinking all together had to go. I upped my walking to 10,000 steps, drank 80oz of water/fizz a day, and began doing Zumba and HIIT workouts. Finally, I have broke a year long weight plateau. The physical pain I suffer keeps me from more intense workouts right now, but I physically feel so much better and am aligning myself mentally where my anxiety is finally low again – despite some very stressful events occurring.

My point to all of this is to say that sometimes you have to take a couple steps back in order to take steps forward. Sometimes you have to distance yourself from people that don’t help you grow. Sometimes you have to silence the world so you can help yourself flourish. I realize I will never be able to help others if I don’t help myself. Hence why my writing has temporarily stopped. I hope this resonates with someone and helps you realize the answer to your problem is YOU – your own inner strength. There’s no one in the world that can make you happy and no amount of material wealth that will make you happy. To be physically and mentally whole, you alone must do the work

One thought on “What Healthy Fitness Looks Like

  1. Yes! Being whole and healthy does require commitment but also the flexibility to take a step back if you need it before you can move forward. Glad to hear you cut out alcohol. There’s not a single healthy thing about that. Sounds like you are doing an amazing job of figure out what works for you and making it happen! 💕


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