About Me

Meet the Author: Kristen Hall

As an empath and former teacher, my goal has always been to help people. In my thirty years of living, I have experienced a lot and overcome circumstances that I thought would put me in a grave. I never want anyone to go through life feeling alone, so I started the self-help blog “The Holistic Life: The Subtle Art of Living Boldly” and have begun expanding my posts on various platforms. If I can reach just a few people and encourage them to keep going, then I know I have done the work I am meant to do!

Q&A with Kris:

Who is your hero?
– My parents. They worked hard for the life they provided my brother and I. I couldn’t be more grateful for the life they created for us.

What is your biggest fear?
– On a generic level, snakes and heights. On a bigger scale, leaving this life without making a positive impact. I constantly feel the call to help others on a larger platform.

What is your greatest obsession?
– Animals. I have six!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
– If it was paid for and my family could come – definitely Hawaii! 75 degree weather year round!

Who is your favorite author?
-Jodi Picoult by far

What motivates you?
– My end goals. Building a vision board and/or having quotes/goals written out help a ton.

What are some things you cannot live without?
-My family