You were born to be real, not perfect.

One of my favorite types of books to read are self-help/personal development books. I feel encouraged and less alone when someone who has been through hell tells you that he/she has overcome the impossible – or what feels like the “impossible.”

Personally, every time I finish one of these books (especially as the years have gone by), I feel like there is a greater purpose in me reading them.

While I definitely do not claim to have it all figured out nor do I claim that my experiences are more painful than another…life has thrown a lot at me in my thirty years of living and has taught me that in order to heal, you must live 100% authentically. For me, part of that authenticity is being open and honest about my experiences (good or bad).

My hope is that by telling my story and sharing my thoughts, I can help others feel less alone and begin to process their own pain/experiences.

So…this is where my story begins…

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