You were born to be real, not perfect.

One of my favorite types of books to read are self-help/personal development books. I feel encouraged and less alone when someone who has been through hell tells you that he/she has overcome the impossible – or what feels like the “impossible.”

Personally, every time I finish one of these books (especially as the years have gone by), I feel like there is a greater purpose in me reading them. I began hearing God’s voice – “You have a lot to offer, you need to really consider writing down your thoughts.” I started doing this slowly by posting inspirational Facebook posts and occasionally writing in my journal- and then I heard God again. “You have more to say, take the next step.”

Needless to say, I am here and I’m ready to take this to the next level. Rather than keeping a personal journal, I am choosing to go public with my experiences.

Why would I do this you ask? Besides God telling me so? Because not everyone has an advocate. Not everyone has someone cheering them on the side saying “You can do this!” To that person who has no one, I want to be the one person who encourages you to keep going.

Life has thrown a lot at me in my thirty years of living and I believe all of it had a purpose. As an empath (which I will get into more in a later post), I emotionally feel much more than the typical person. While this can be a curse, it can also be a blessing when it comes to connecting with people. So…here it begins…

Please note: while each story told does have a purpose behind it, I don’t want the main focus to be “my story”. My main goal is to help you overcome whatever challenge you might be experiencing through topics that are relatable and focus on achieving your best self. While I am not a therapist and, must say it is in your best interest to talk to a mental health professional if you are struggling, I am here to be that extra encouragement in those times of need.

Let’s make the decision today to strive for a thriving life – not just one that is lived.

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